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Our Team
Name Area Email
Jim Banko CFO cfo@365zmd.com
David Goodman President davidgoodman@365zmd.com
Jim DeCamp Vice President of Sales & Marketing jdecamp@365zmd.com
Juli Skoutelas Administrative Assistant adminassistant@365zmd.com
Mary Jo Laubach Human Resources mjlaubach@365zmd.com
Nekane Calcano Client Services clientservices@365zmd.com
Josh Banko Accounts Payable acctspay@365zmd.com
Kyle Henning Purchasing khenning@365zmd.com
Tim Mawson Engineering engineering@365zmd.com
Joe Reda Engineering jreda@365zmd.com
Jim Neff Custom Manager jneff@365zmd.com
Scott Schmalzer Plant Manager pltmgr@365zmd.com
Mike Bluis Production Engineer mikeb@365zmd.com
Ralph Schleicher Facilities Manager rschleicher@365zmd.com
Judith Bullard Marketing & Design jabullard@365zmd.com